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Hi Larry and Gail,      Just checked out your website and found it refreshing and enlightening.  I agree that forgiveness is the key to our return to our true self, so I practice daily.  As many have said before, this world is an illusion, a dream so to speak, a very intense dream.  I use techniques from ACIM to recognize this, forgive it, forgive myself and align my spirit with the Holy Spirit to guide me home.  Life becomes much more interesting as an observer rather than as an actor tossed about by the script.  It's not really a change but a recognition.  Thank you for your kind words and inspiration.  The angel thing is wild and fascinating.  I think if I saw one it would freak me out.  Probably why they don't show up, not that they aren't always watching over and correcting. Of this I am certain.  Peace and love, Bob
Hi you guys! I have a story for you that may sound kind of silly, but is important to me. I have been sick over the past year with various illnesses that seemed to appear out of nowhere. It began with an inability to eat foods I had always eaten, and seemed I had suddenly developed food "allergies" to just about everything. I became sick after eating, developed headaches and stomachaches, and was extremely tired, but had trouble sleeping. I became afraid to eat because I didn't want to get sick. Yet despite eating almost nothing, I hadn't lost any weight. My cholesterol levels began to rise, and my doctor said I was pre-diabetic as well! At times my blood pressure also went way up. I knew something was very wrong, but an army of doctors couldn't seem to figure out what it was. Every one of them felt compelled to remind me that I am, after all, 65 years old. They all tried to put me on medications, but I feared the meds more than being sick. I have always kept journals, so I went back to them to see if I could find a pattern of behavior - or ANYTHING that might give me a clue. That's when I realized two things: first, since my near-fatal car accident in December 2009, I had developed an unreasonable fear about being in moving vehicles; and second; I was taking 8-10 Extra-strength Tylenol EVERY day for nearly four years to deal with the aches and pains caused by my broken collarbone, broken leg, and broken ribs sustained in the accident. At first, I didn't realize the significance of this information, but I was also praying several times a day for answers. Remarkably, my mother, who passed away that same year, came to me in dreams and in her gentle way advised me to let go of my fears and start using my head! She literally told me to pay attention to my own inner knowledge, and to especially pay attention to others in my life who were having crises, and said there I would find answers. Two months ago, a friend's young daughter was rushed to the hospital with liver toxicity caused by ... Tylenol! She almost died, but is doing okay now. In an effort to help her mom deal with her daughter's crisis, I looked up "toxic liver" on line, and discovered I also had 8 out of 10 of the symptoms of this myself! So, I began treating myself immediately, eliminating all Tylenol and following a diet to cleanse my liver. Two weeks after I started this, I returned to my doctor and discussed this with him. He was skeptical, to say the least, but I insisted he run tests and compare them with tests he did a month earlier. He was kind of defensive, but agreed to do it. Results: cholesterol down 50 points; blood pressure perfect, glucose levels normal, fatigue 90 percent gone, no joints aching. AND, I had lost 13 pounds. I am continuing on this path, and haven't heard from my mom lately. Still praying several times a day and still working on my fear of cars (made a four-hour trip by myself to visit my daughter last week!) but my life is improving daily. My doctor is beyond impressed. Just wanted to let you know that I was inspired by your revelations concerning angels, as well as your inspiring thoughts about looking within for answers. Apparently the angels agree! Love to both of you. Toby