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Sunday, 8/11/2013

My mother recently passed on.  She was a Christian for all of her life.  She had a firm conviction that to be absent from the body was to be present with the Lord.  Our beliefs are similar but different.  Both of us believe that the essence of God is Love.  Nothing can separate us from the Love of God!  My God is a God of caring and Love who has created us as his children.  We are co-creators and equally complex.  God only wants the best for his children. I know my mother can see me and understands the complexities of our existence much better now that she has passed on.  She IS surrounded by the LOVE OF GOD!  She IS still alive and lives forever.  We ARE spiritual beings in a seemingly physical world, never forget that.  Many things aren’t always what they seem.  We are responsible for the world around us, what we receive and how we interact with it each day.  How did you decide to interact with it today when you got up out of bed?  Did you choose to have a great day to enjoy life and love each person to the best of your ability?  Yes, I know things happen.  But how we respond, NOT REACT, but respond to things, shows us how we are doing on our path to awaken and join our father. We are destined to return to correct mistakes in judgement, attitude and ethics.  When we are wronged do we plot revenge, strike back or communicate in a way to mitigate the circumstances, forgive and move on?  FORGIVENESS IS A KEY TO MOVING CLOSER TO GOD!  God has sent a Holy Spirit to guide us and help us.  If you listen he speaks to you and guides you in the silences when you still your mind.  He helps with signposts pointing the direction you should go if you but look.  God Loves you and has not abandoned you.  He is only waiting for you to wake up.  Love and Blessings!

Sunday, 8/18/2013

As I said last week, “God is the essence of Love.”  He isn’t out to get you, or burn you in a lake of fire for eternity (what kind of God would that be).  And I say “he”, not really meaning that God is a male entity.  I could just as realisticly say she, because God has no gender.  God wants the best for his children and that means you and I.  If you feel lonely and unloved, just close your eyes and say, “God, I want your love now.”  Give it a moment and you will begin to feel his loving arms slipping around you and the warmth of his love filling you to the brim.  He is all around us and his Holy Spirit will guide you in your every day life if you ask.  There is no need to feel alone against the world because GOD LOVES YOU and his Holy Spirit will be with you and help you. God wants us to extend his Love to our brothers and sisters around us.  One of the best ways to do this is with Forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the answer to attack of any kind.  So is attack deprived of its effects, and hate is answered in the name of Love.  ACIM  When someone cuts you off on the way to work, take 3 deep breathes and realize in the greater picture it doesn’t mean anything more then last nights dream.  Forgive them and forgive yourself, feel the possible karmic issues dissolve and fall away.  You are released from any repercussions that may have grown from the circumstance.  When you look at someone else and see something that seems unattractiive and ugly whether in actions, words, or appearance; think, is there possibly some part of me that is similar that I don’t like, now or in my past.  Forgiving them can release you and be forgiving yourselves.  Love and Blessings!

Sunday, 8/25/2013

Gail and I recently watched the movie “The Life of Pi”.  It was a story of a young man from India moving with his

family to Canada and traveling with the zoo animals on a freighter across the ocean.  In the story the young man

becomes a Hindu, a Catholic and a Moslem to the astonishment of his family.  After the extraordinary and tragic

journey to Canada, he is telling the story of the journey to some investigators.  They didn’t seem to believe his story

so he told them another story that sounded more believeable.  He told an author that the investigators were more

satisfied with his second story.  When relating this to an author he asked the author which story he liked more.  The

author said that he like the first story more.  The young man said, “And so it is with God.” 

I usually watch movies to escape the day to day nonsense and relax so I wasn’t looking for any deep meanings. 

The words of the movie struck a chord in my wife and she came up to me a little after the movie and mentioned that

she finally got it.  Of course I said, “Got what?”  And then she repeated the line, “and so it is with God.” Then a light

bulb came on over my head also (thank you Honey).  That in this existence we pick and choose the path and way to

God that most appeals to our inner being or in which we are most comfortable, just like people were picking which

story of his that they preferred.  This doesn’t mean that the picking or choosing is wrong. 

The path that you are on at any moment is always the correct path and place for you at that time.  We are meant to

have certain experiences that will help us understand and help our brothers and sisters as we travel together.  God

appeals to us in many shapes and colors.  All paths in the end will lead to God, there aren’t any wrong choices as

long as you are respecting and loving of your brothers and sisters along the way (I’ll go into this much deeper later). 

God Loves us!!! God Loves us!!!  GOD LOVES US!!!

What we think in our limited ability to see the big picture, about suffering or pain, is most of the time brought upon

ourselves by our brothers or sisters due to fear or evern ourselves due to fear.  Turn from fear and let love in.  Let

love guide you even when others reject it.  You will plant a seed in your brother/sister and you will grow.  What you

do for your brother or sister, you do for yourself.  That doesn’t mean you need be a floormat.  There is a fine line

between being a loving and caring person and letting others take advantage of you.  That doesn’t help them grow so

you really aren’t showing them love by letting them take advantage of you or not doing something to help

themselves if they have the ability.  You become co-dependent to their actions and lifestyle.  Don’t just give them

fish but teach them how to fish.  So be careful in your walk along the path.  Anyway, I know I’ve gone off on a

tangent but let those with ears, hear.  God Loves YOU!  Love and Blessings!

Sunday, 9/8/2013  It is always very refreshing to take time with our loved ones and spend some quality time with them, talking and just basking in each other’s love.  In our spiritual journey we need to do this also.  We usually travel in groups and discuss how we will continue the journey, what we need to experience, how we will help each other, before taking up our journey again.  This involves Karma and Reincarnation.  Before some of you close the page and move on, please hear me out for just a moment.  Love after all, is my main reason for delivering this message.  Karma is the law of cause and effect.  If you make wrong decisions some day you have to pay for it.  This is how we learn, live and experience the many different facets of life on this physical plane.  We are eternal, spiritual beings and when these physical bodies grow old or we have accomplished in this lifetime what we came to do, then we move on and go through the change. Change back to a completely spiritual being where we commune with the group we travel with to refresh ourselves and make plans for the next lifetime.  What are we planning for?  We are evolving, we are growing.  We are moving closer back to God and our oneness with him.  That doesn’t mean losing ourselves but really waking up and realizing that we are Co-Creators with God.  (More on this later.) The evidence for Reincarnation is huge and amazing.  Let me give you a few examples that you can look up on the internet or purchase a book to learn more.  Dr. Ian Stevenson, a medical doctor and prior head of the Department of Psychology of the University of Virginia, has provided scientific proof of the reality of Reincarnation.  He has over 3000 cases of children that remember past lives that he has been able to use scientific methodology to research and validate the stories. Dr. Brian Weiss, a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School and a clinical psychologist was a skeptic,  when he came to believe in reincarnation.  You can read how he discovered the truth in his book, “Many Lives, Many Masters”. Or we can go to a more recent story about a young child that had bad dreams and kept drawing pictures of fighting planes until his parents were able to get the story out of him about a 21 year old fighter pilot shot down in WWII.  You can read the story and the validating proof in the book, “Soul Survivor”.  These 2 ideas, Karma and Reincarnation by them self, could change your life and the way you may behave in the future.  Karma and reincarnation both help us grow, develop spiritually, experience new things, and help us to reduce the effects of wrong actions by giving us a multitude of second chances.  But please remember, these were designed to help you move closer to returning to God, from where we began.  We are his children and GOD LOVES US, HIS CHILDREN.  He’s waiting for us to realize who we are and wake up to a new reality of Peace, Love, and Joy.  Love and Blessings!     Monday, 9/16/2013 Just spent some intensive time with Angels.  Yes I said Angels!  For a while now my wife and I have been taking some IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) classes.  We thought we would like to add this modality to our Reiki practice since both involve energy healing.  In this form of energy healing, you link up with angels and they actually do the healing while you go through certain steps of energizing/triggering/releasing/integrating energy that may have some impact on your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies.  This is a very high level explanation of IET.  So while going through this training, I’ve had several interesting communications with angels that I thought you might like to hear about. The first was a meditation involving the Arch Angel Gabriel.  He/she provides divine direction and I was asking in the meditation about a blue Nissan Frontier 4x4 pickup (I was told they know everything, and the car dealer I had been working with hadn’t been able to find one for me that was blue for a 1 1/2 weeks), and what kind of bedliner I should look for.  Well, as plain as day, I was told to go for the one I wanted and get the spray bedliner with the value package because it would be just what I wanted.  Well, I worked with another dealer and got the same message from him that they couldn’t find a blue one, maybe I would like white or silver instead.  I knew what Gabriel had told me so I got on the internet and checked inventories of dealers within 2 hours, found a blue one, bought it the next day and drove it home. Yeah, I know.  That doesn’t sound too amazing.  But for me, after working with 2 dealerships and then finding 1 that had just what I wanted and able to get it right away was pretty amazing to me--but it gets better. I was doing a session of distance IET on a family member.  When I finished, the teacher, Faith Supple, said, “Why don’t you ask the angels if it was effective?”  (Later she told me she felt led to tell me that and that she never asks her students to do that after a training distance session).  I established my heartlink and as soon as I closed my eyes, this guy was standing there looking at me like as if he had been waiting for me.  He was leaning over reaching down as if he was doing something lower in front of himself and I could only see him from just above his waist.  To say I was surprised is like saying the Hindenburg was a balloon.  He had short white hair but a young face.  He was wearing what looked like a plain uniform with squared shoulders and at first I thought it was white but now I realize it was more ivory (it had a slight yellow tint.  I said, “Was the session effective for (name withheld)?”  He immediately replied, “We are working on it right now.”  Then he just disappeared.  The energy from an IET session can continue to progress and heal for 1 to 5 days after the session.  I didn’t see any wings at the time but that didn’t take away from the awesome vision.  It was very humbling to know that these Messengers of God will work with us and allow us to work with them for the benefit of others. There was one more meditation where I was working with Arch Angel Michael, who I have often thought of as my patron angel.  Normally for me it took a little while to link up with any angels but this time, I started the link and bam, there he was, these piercing eyes that could see through me but didn’t judge me.  I asked him if he would continue to be with me, guide me and protect me. “Always,” came floating through my mind.  And then I had the impression of these huge wings snapping out which gave me an awesome feeling of being cared for and loved.  When I came out of the meditation I had tears in my eyes. I don’t know about you, but for me to know that I have angels watching over me, that listen to me and help me, makes all the difference in getting through the day.  Everyone has angels watching over them.  Have you talked to your angels today. Yes, I believe in Angels!  Love and Blessings! Sunday, 9/22/2013 Oftentimes in this world, people feel alone and depressed.  They think that no one loves them.    But this is so not the case.  You are loved more than you can possibly imagine.  Surrounding you are angels who love you and who are with you constantly.  They are there to protect you and help you.  You need only ask for their help.  Talk to them, and know they are there, ready to enfold you in their great wings, giving you love and support when you need it.  When you ask for it.  When you feel lonely, talk to them.  They are there for you.  You must remember that the angels wait for you to ask for their help, as they cannot intercede unless you ask.  If they did, they would be interfering with your free will.  So, please, ask.  It is as simple as saying, “Angels, please protect me and keep me safe,” or, “Angels, please help me to have a good day.”  It can even be, “Angels, please help keep me calm during my test,” or “Angels, help me get through this meeting.”  They are waiting to help you with anything, even finding a parking space.  Just ask. Also with you are the spirits of your loved ones who have passed on.  No one who loves you ever really leaves you.  No one ever really dies.  They just drop their physical form, and continue on in the form that all of us truly are: spiritual beings.    They also give you their love and support.  They share your sorrows.  They share your joys.  So next time you think, “Oh, if only ______ could have been here to see that,” know that they were and they are celebrating right along with you. You are also never alone, because you are part of God.   You can never, ever separate yourself from God.  It is impossible.  And God ALWAYS LOVES YOU!  There is absolutely nothing you can do that would cause God to stop loving you.  You are his creation.  You are his child.  You are part of God, and will be for all eternity.  You are never alone, and you are Always Loved.  Love and Light, When we face obstacles or trials in life, these are opportunities to grow and mature.  Not just your personality but spirituality.  There really aren’t any bad choices, as we need to go through an infinite amount of experiences through many life times to finally be rejoined with God.  We change roles, thousands of times to learn what, why and how to behave with our brothers and sisters on this physical plane, Earth School.  I’m only discussing the Karmic relationships that exist while we go through our reincarnations to be rejoined with God.  It’s necessary to understand the process of Karma and Reincarnation since we have convinced ourselves that we are tied to it and must go through this process, life after life.  (We don’t have to by the way-more on this later.)  If you go through life hating an ethnic group prepare yourself for your next life time because more than likely, you’ll end up being reborn into that ethnic race.  This is necessary for balance and harmony in our learning.  You can take that scenario out to its logical progression and see all the different scenarios that you may have to face and go through in different life times in order to work off karma or be totally balanced and harmonious enough to finally ascend to God. (Or as I believe, finally wake up to who you really are-more on this later.)  So, you work out Karma for bad actions by being in the victims’ position in a future life time, if not in this life time.  When we are told we have a natural talent at something, that is because in another life time we spent the time to learn the skill.  Now, we are just remembering/relearning the skill which is always faster and easier.  If you use the opportunities you have for spiritual progression to instead get even or take advantage of your brothers and sisters, you will pay for it in the next life if not this one.  Karma will get you and you won’t enjoy it.  But there is a better way.  A way to shorten the cycles of life times that you will have to go through to be reunited with almost overwhelming LOVE, JOY, and PEACE, Say hello to FORGIVENESS!!!  Yes, FORGIVENESS.  You have to mean it and sometimes that is pretty difficult especially when it comes to forgiving yourself.  But GOD loves you and as far as he’s concerned YOU ARE ALREADY FORGIVEN, so forgive yourself and move on, don’t do it again.  Once you start on this path of FORGIVENESS, opportunities to forgive begin popping up for you.  The more you forgive others, the more you are also forgiven.  Your brothers and sisters around you are mirrors of your attitudes, behaviors, thoughts, and actions, so you are also forgiving yourself not only because of the mirror effect but also because we are all connected, WE ARE ALL ONE.  Yes, what happens to one of us impacts all of us.  That is why it is important to think loving thoughts and show that you care for your brother and sister since our thoughts are constantly changing the universe around us (more about this later).  Through this forgiveness principle, you can cut many life times of Karma off the road back to GOD and the beauty, Love, joy and peace that are waiting for us.  The Holy Spirit is always available to you for assistance in forgiving or providing guidance.  In some beliefs the Holy Spirit is your Higher Self.  Whichever way you believe the Holy Spirit only has your best interests in mind and will lovingly help you if you ask.  Prayer is good, and it’s easy.  You do it just like you are talking to your best friend and big brother/sister who is always ready to help you.  GOD LOVES YOU and the Holy Spirit is here to help.  Why NOT use the tools available to us.  Love you all! Love and Blessings!  Many times we listen to people around us that are unkind, uncomplimentary and insulting about us physically.  We may even allow ourselves to be referred to as ugly, fat, 4 eyes and to soften the blow; we act as if it’s a joke.  But as a Child of GOD, a Co-Creator, we are much more than what people may see on this physical plane.  An iceberg can be huge but only 1/9th of its size shows above the water.  Which has caused many problems for sailors that misjudged how far to bypass one at sea.  We are very much like that iceberg.  Besides the beauty and depth of our personalities, the size and majesty of our spirit/souls is huge.  If we only take in to consideration the energy field around a human being, we will be amazed at how big it can be. In the book “The Flower of Life” Volumes 1 and 2 (I recommend these 2 books by the way-very interesting), Drunvalo Melchizedek writes that there is a Star Tetrahedron field of energy (called the Merkaba) that surrounds each person.  This energy field can extend  beyond  the Merkaba up to 55 feet across, through multiple dimensions.  So most of the time, we are interacting with many people through our energy field whether we are conscious of it or not. There is another part of us often referred to as our Higher Self.  This is the part of us that can’t be stuffed into a “flesh suit”, that unites with us in dreams and after we pass on.  The Higher Self has all the knowledge you have gained over the many life times that you have reincarnated and you can access this knowledge through meditations.  If you look up “accessing the Higher Self” on Bing or Google you’ll have access to hundreds of books and self-help methods to achieve this life changing step.  The Higher Self will never advise you to harm yourself or someone else.  It wants your best in every way. Amazing, isn’t it.  I would say that the iceberg shows more above the water then we do of ourselves on this physical plane.  But after all, WE ARE GOD’S CHILDREN!  WE ARE CO-CREATORS!  AND GOD LOVES US!  So don’t let yourself be put down, you are much more than meets the eye.  You are beautiful, because GOD created you.  Our bodies AREN’T WHO WE ARE.  So don’t let anyone get you down about it.  GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO I! Love and Blessings! “Where do we go when we die?”  It’s a question that seems to have been asked a lot, and answered a lot.  But how it’s been answered was brought to my attention recently when I was told of a conversation wherein two women, in their mid to late 70s, were speaking.  One of the women had been recently re-diagnosed with cancer.  She said to the other woman, “I hope I go to Heaven.”  When I was told of these words, I was saddened by the fear that pervades the subject of death.  My words in response were, “But there’s nowhere else to go.” People of the world have lived for centuries with varying images of God.  Oftentimes images of a vengeful, punishing, terrifying God have been, and unfortunately in some teachings, still are, presented to the people; while at the same time, they are told that this same God is a loving God.  As a child, many years ago, sitting in Church, listening to the priest talk about the gospel passage of the day, I clearly recall thinking to myself, “How could a God who (they say) loves us so much send someone to “hell” for committing a ‘mortal sin’?”  (That would be one of the really bad ones, not lying to the teacher about the dog eating your homework.)  What if a person so blinded by rage, or grief kills another person? Is that person going to be sentenced to burn in a lake of fire for all eternity?  Is that what a loving father would do to his children?  Of course not. Death of the human body is nothing more than walking through a door to a change in form, back to our true form.  Our natural, real state is spirit.  An eternal spirit, as created by our Father.  It is immortal for all time and cannot be destroyed any more than God, our Father can be destroyed.   When we walk through that door, we are reunited with those from our soul families who have gone on before us.  Those with whom we spend lifetime after lifetime, learning and teaching each other karmic lessons.  There is great Love.   There is great Joy.  There is nothing to fear.  There is no judgment, but the judgment we impose upon ourselves.  God does not judge you, and will not judge you.  GOD WILL ONLY LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY.  Jesus does not judge you, although he is likely to embrace you. Now I know some of you are thinking, “How can God unconditionally love me, if I have hurt others who are also His children?”  How can God unconditionally love those that have killed others who are also His children?”  Remember, what happens in a physical form to a soul is no more real to what that soul REALLY is, than a dream.  The soul, your real true essence cannot be harmed, and cannot be destroyed.  It is God’s creation, and as such is eternal, like God.  No one has ever really died.  They have merely changed form: out of the physical body and back to their true essence, spirit.  You have not truly done anything to that other soul, nor has anything been truly been done to you.  You have learned by your experiences.  You have taught by your experiences, and then you moved on, as we all do, over and over and over again. Now that is NOT to say that here is your license to treat others badly, to harm, to kill and do any number of horrible things, since nothing really happens to those other souls.  If you choose to treat others badly, to harm, to kill in this lifetime, boy, are you asking for trouble next time around.  (Here’s where the learning comes in.)  If that’s what you choose to do in this lifetime, guess who gets to be on the receiving end of that kind of behavior next time around.  Yep.  You guessed it.  You taught other souls how it feels in this lifetime.  You get to have someone teach it to you next time around.  Isn’t karma fun?  Hence the golden rule, “Do unto others, as you would have done to you,” because it will. After a suitable amount of time spent readjusting from your time in a physical body, you assess what you have learned from your most recent time in a physical form, and compare it with what it was that you had planned to learn when you jumped into a physical body.  (Here’s where the only judgment that there will ever be comes in.)  You judge how you did.  Did you learn what you meant to learn? What are the lessons you wish to learn next time around?  Your soul family has been doing the same.  Then once again, you and your soul family jump back in to learn other lessons. No lakes of fire.  No red suited people with barbed tails carrying pitchforks.  No eternal agony.  Nothing to fear.  All there will be when you get there is Love.   What feels more right to you?  Not what you have been told.  Not what’s in your rational head.  Get out of your head.   Get in your HEART.  What does that tell you?  It’s all about LOVE. Love and Light,  This week is the beginning of a 3 part message.  Today, we will begin with a summary of what I have covered.  I hope you find this interesting. We started by assuring you that we love you and only want the best for you.  This is also GOD’s perspective of us.  HE LOVES US, WE ARE HIS CHILDREN.  WE ARE MADE IN HIS IMAGE AND THEREFORE ARE CO- CREATORS.  HE wants the best for us, HE always has.  GOD’s essence is LOVE.  HE has no desire and no plan to punish us or burn us in a lake of fire for eternity.  HE LOVES US. We always have a choice as we go through life.  We can choose to operate and make decisions based on LOVE or FEAR.  EVERYTHING, all decisions, actions, or consequences are born from either LOVE or FEAR.  (Please choose LOVE.)  This isn’t easy in a world based on Chaos.  But who should we blame for a chaotic world?  We are Co-Creators.  We may not realize that we are doing it, but we are constantly manifesting every day.  Those that operate and make decisions based on FEAR, manifest more fear, hate, violence, sickness, and death.  Those that operate and make decisions based on LOVE, manifest more love, brotherhood, healing, and life.  (Please choose LOVE.) We have seen the power of positive thinking, The Secret, and whatever is the latest craze for bringing happiness and abundance into your life today, by being upbeat, or reciting positive mantras to yourself throughout the day, pushed forth by a multitude of media gurus.  Many times it works!  But the reason it works sometimes is the same reason it doesn’t work sometimes.  We are Co-Creators.  We can manifest and bring things, opportunities, and relationships into our lives through the ability that GOD gave us when he created us, HIS CHILDREN.  Sometimes, we bring into our lives challenges to help us grow.  Sometimes situations come into our lives that we do not enjoy at all.  This is when we have either operated and made decisions based on fear (hate, judging, violence, anger), or we are experiencing something that was planned before we were born this lifetime to bring forth a specific life path or experience we need to go through for growth or to help others. This brings up Karma and Reincarnation.  Karma and Reincarnation exist so that we can work our way back to our Source, GOD.  It is a system by which we balance the scales of right and wrong, learn to be better people through a multitude of reincarnations, living as a man in one life and a woman in another life, until we are “good enough” or “perfect”, and can Ascend; which is seen as going back to GOD!  You don’t have to believe in Karma or Reincarnation for it to work in this fashion.  Any dedicated Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or true believer of many mainstream religions or many people practicing operating from the LOVE Principle will find themselves Ascending when the time is right. But, I don’t think that the Ascended will find themselves living in golden mansions, walking through pearly gates and living much of a physical life no matter how heavenly or exalted it may be. I will continue this next week and as always I hope that LOVE is how WE live. Love and Blessings,  Last weekend my wife got her new computer in the mail so I spent quite a bit of time transferring data from her old computer to the new one so there was no Voice entry as you saw.  Today we continue the information we started 2 weeks ago.  I hope you find it informative and helpful. Today, we will talk about illusions that we face in the metaphysical world.  We face many illusions in life, but I’m only going to discuss:  1.  The world as an illusion  2.  Karma/Reincarnation as an illusion  3.  Heaven and Hell as an illusion As Albert Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”  Often many of us have had the impression that “this can’t be real”, or “I don’t believe this is happening to me.”  This is pretty common at some point in a person’s life that we run into this and feel this way.  Psychologists could rationalize it all away fairly easily, this disconnect/disassociation with reality and fix you up by a few therapy sessions and some “good” (are there really any good prescription drugs-maybe a few but I can’t help thinking these drugs are way over used) prescription drugs.  There are sign posts all around us pointing out the illusion of our so called reality if you are alert and look for them. “There are as many pillows of illusion as flakes in a snow-storm. We wake from one dream into another dream.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson Often, we dream and in the dream we interact with others as if we were awake, and then we wake up in the morning and realize it was all a dream.  I personally have had 4 or 5 dreams 1 after the other in one night.  Scientists tell us that even though these dreams seem long, they actually only take seconds to pass through our minds.  I even had 1 dream where I lived an entire life, growing up, working, getting married and having kids, and finally dying on my death bed with my family and children around me in the room.  When I woke I was totally distraught for at least an hour about how much I missed the dream family that only took seconds to pass through my mind. “The world, indeed, is like a dream and the treasures of the world are an alluring mirage! Like the apparent distances in a picture, things have no reality in themselves, but they are like heat haze.” Prince Gautama Siddharta  (Buddha) The Hindu and Buddhist religion in many ways point to the world as being an illusion that we should not be distracted by on our road to Heaven, Paradise or Ascendency.  But one thing they all agree with is that even though the world is an illusion, we are in it and need to learn to work with it and through it while maintaining a focus on our spiritual path. “All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.” Edgar Allan Poe Some of you, may even have had experiences like I have where you think you have woke up in the morning and begin to go through you daily routine and then you wake up again in the morning.  It makes you wonder, “Am I dreaming still or did I really wake up?” There are many books out there “A Course in Miracles” for one, which tells us that we ARE DREAMING.  That we are Spirits created as GOD’s children just like him.  That we have fallen asleep and are dreaming and we need to WAKE UP.  Scary Huh!  Think I’m crazy yet?  I hope not. LOL!  GOD LOVES US.  HE created us just like him and HE is spirit, so we are also.  HE doesn’t just wake us up because we would freak out when we find we don’t have a body.  If your child is having a nightmare, do you rush over and start shaking them and yelling wake up.  No, you gently speak their name with love and stroke their forehead to bring them out of the nightmare in a loving way.  GOD LOVES YOU and has your best interests at heart.  It seems a long time that this dream is going on but even Einstein spoke of time being strange and the past and future all exist at the same time as now.  So in the dream, it’s only been a few seconds.  We have already awaken and realized that we were dreaming. We are Co-Creators with GOD because HE made us in his image.  Spirits just like DAD.  HE LOVES YOU and HE LOVES ME! I hope this has been interesting and food for thought.  Next week I’ll continue. Love and Blessings,  Albert Einstein: “Time is an illusion.” Today we finish the 3 part Voice of Love and I feel that by the time I finish today’s message you will know most of the secrets of the Spiritual Gurus and philosophers through the ages.  The Truths that have shaken the foundations of religions but have assisted mankind for ages to grow, love, forgive, and ascend.  May you find it useful for your edification. Last week I left off after discussing the world as an illusion.  Today we will discuss Karma/Reincarnation as an illusion and Heaven/Hell as an illusion, and then I’ll summarize and try to wrap it up for you so it is useful in our daily lives. I’ve mentioned before that GOD is our creator, creating us in his image.  As Native American Indians refer to him, he is the Great Spirit.  He created us as spirits also, not as bodies, but spirits.  We were created like GOD by GOD so we are Co-Creators and can manifest. We mentioned how this world is an illusion, a dream that we seemed to be trapped in at this moment (see last week’s Voice for how long a dream actually lasts).  In this dream we are manifesting and we have created a way in the dream to get back to DAD/GOD, for we feel that we have left him because we have problems finding him in the dream.  We have a spiritual memory of being with GOD, being loved endlessly, unconditionally, and deeper then we have the ability now to understand.  Nothing that we can experience in this dream can equal the love we remember with GOD.  Compare a candle to the Sun that is the difference in the types of love. The way we created to get back to GOD is Karma/Reincarnation.  We work off issues, but we also need to go through experiences so we can understand our brothers/sisters better and eventually the scales are balanced and we go back to GOD  after lifetime,  after lifetime, after lifetime, you get the idea.  Many religions have this belief.  It is even found in some early Christian texts that were not allowed in the Bible.  For much more explanation and discussion of existing proof of reincarnation, see the Voice of Love 9/8/2013. The only problem here with reincarnation is that it is an illusion for the simple fact that we don’t have bodies.  That’s right, the world is an illusion and you don’t have a body.  So if you don’t have a body, you can’t be reborn over and over into multiple bodies.  Reincarnation is another part of the dream.  And Karma doesn’t exist because we were created perfect by GOD and anything GOD created is unchanging and remains perfect for eternity.  “I don’t know who you’re kidding but I’m not perfect,” you’re saying to yourself.  But this is a dream.  It never happened so you never did it.  We never left or separated from GOD.  We are still with GOD as spirits at this moment.  When something is wrong with the interaction between you and your brother/sister, then you forgive yourself and them with this little saying: “I forgive you, I forgive me, it’s a dream, it never happened.”  Yeah, I know.  This could allow people to do whatever they want and excuse them out of it you think.  NO WAY!  Unless the person is operating in love and means the best for his brother and sister when he says this, while thinking that the person is connected to him, it doesn’t work and Karma (the rule that we manifest) comes into play and they get paid back for bad decisions. Hell is an illusion because there is no opposite to GOD.  That’s right, the only thing that exists is GOD and we are part of him.  We are GOD’s thoughts made real (real spirits).  There is no lake of fire, or Dante’s hell where everyone is punished for bad decisions.  The only hell that exists is the existence here in this dream where you live with bad decisions.  The only evil that exists is us living in the fear principle not the love principle which creates hate, envy, violence, etc.  Remember we are spirits and some spirits get hung up on earthly issues and hang around instead of moving on and can create some problems but this is very rare.  All spirits (us) will move on and ascend (wake up) when it is our time, guaranteed.  So there isn’t anything to worry about on that end.  We’re stuck in this time bubble but the rest of GOD’s creation is not and we have already woken up.  Remember, TIME IS AN ILLUSION! Heaven as we know it is an illusion.  Pearly gates, mansions for us to live in is the Christian version, other religions have equally false ideas of Heaven.  Heaven is bodiless, you are in spirit form together with a multitude of Brothers and Sisters who all LOVE YOU and are connected to you by spirit and mind.  And most of all there is the Loving Light that warms you and fills you up so that you can never want for anything or need anything more.  An UNDERSTANDING LOVE THAT WASHES AWAY ANY TEARS OR WORRIES (THEY DON’T EXIST THERE) AND YOU KNOW, YOU FEEL IT THROUGH YOUR ENTIRE BEING THAT YOU ARE LOVED BY GOD!  It is bliss, joy, happiness, and satisfaction, there aren’t words to describe the LOVE OF GOD. Ok, to summarize: GOD LOVES YOU AND CREATED YOU AS HIS CHILD ALONG WITH ME AND A MULTITUDE MORE.  Somehow we are dreaming (that is a much deeper discussion then we have time for here) and being Co- Creators have formulated a plan to get back to GOD because we feel separated from HIM.  This plan is Karma/Reincarnation.  This is all an illusion, the world, karma/reincarnation, everything, because we are dreaming, and we are spirits without bodies. So how do we wake up and what do we do until we wake up? There are a thousand different ways to wake up.  It isn’t easy and it isn’t quick.  This is the way that I know and it works.  Learn to think differently about the world around you and operate in the Love Principle on a daily basis.  That means remembering that this is all an illusion, but it’s an illusion that we have to live with for the moment.  We are Co-Creators so for the most part we can choose to have the good day we want regardless of what happens.  It will always work out if you just stick to choosing to operate with Love and not fear.  I’m not saying that things you don’t want to happen won’t happen.  What I am saying is that by talking to the Holy Spirit, who is always willing to help and give advice, by relying on your angels, who are around you every day and night, and CHOOSING LOVE NOT FEAR; you can win through the darkest night and come out with a smile on your face because GOD LOVES YOU!  There are many books out there telling you how to change the way your think so you can wake up sooner than many lifetimes from now.  The Course in Miracles is a big one-do the workbook lessons.  Books by Gary Renard or Kenneth Wapnick are very good help also. Whatever you do though, PLEASE CHOOSE LOVE.  Operate with the Love Principle not the Fear Principle and you can’t go wrong. Love all of you, Love and Blessings, I’m lonely in a crowd Full of all my pain I laugh at a joke I didn’t hear Smile at a compliment a friend made And cry my silent tears of pain I’m lonely in a crowd But it’s worst when I get home At school I put a mask on But at home I’m free to be Free to be me Lonely hurting and crying inside Full of pain I don’t have to hide Full of tears I can cry Alone it’s worse than being in a crowd But it still hurts being Alone in a crowd By Lucifer101 posted on the internet 12/13/2008 Most of us have felt this way at some time in our life due to circumstance or emotions.  There is another question that actually relates to this and it is: “How can I find my soul mate?” When we look in the mirror, WHO DO WE SEE?  Do you LIKE the person you see?  Do you LOVE the person you see?  You sometimes feel that you’re such a terrible person due to feelings or emotions or even actions you have made in the past.  I’m overweight, I’m out of shape, I’m not smart, I’m too old, I’m too young, I’m ugly, I’m too pretty no one sees the real me, I don’t have any money so I can’t do anything fun, I have so much money that people only like me for my money. Who do you see when you look in the mirror? I also felt this way in the past.  But I learned that I’M A CHILD OF GOD and GOD LOVES ME, REALLY, REALLY LOVES ME.  I’m never alone because the Spirit of GOD is always there inside of me, listening and giving advice if I want to talk to someone or ask for help.  I learned that meditating helped me to get in touch with the voice inside of me that is GOD.  Not a real voice, although I know some people that do hear voices, but a guidance where I know the answer or soon find the answer after asking a question.  The Spirit of GOD moves and answers everyone in many different ways.  But HE WILL ANSWER.  Of course, sometimes the answer is no, like the many times I asked for the winning Mega Millions numbers, LOL! Accept who you are, or if you want to change, then see it in your mind first and then work towards the goal of the change in a steady goal setting way.  Find people of like minds with similar goals and help others meet their goals and you’ll find yourself closer then you believed to your own goal. Look in the mirror each and every day and say, “I’m a Child of GOD and HE LOVES ME and I LOVE ME.”  Look into your eyes and say 3 times each day, “I LOVE YOU!”  You would be surprised how many people can’t do that.  But it works, try it, do it for a week, then 2 weeks and see how much better you feel about yourself. You aren’t that body anyway.  But if you want to change it or your attitude, or find your soul mate; you have to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST!!!!  Once you love yourself, and I don’t mean being stuck up or thinking that you are the best thing to happen to women/men since sliced bread, then changes will take place naturally in your life.  That soul mate will be in your life by the next year. Volunteering to help others will do wonders for your self-worth and just plain make you feel good. Doing Good is Good for You: 2013 Health and Volunteering Study reveals that 76 percent of U.S. adults who volunteer report that volunteering have made them feel physically healthier, and 78 percent report that volunteering lowers their levels of stress, leading to feeling better than adults who do not volunteer. The study reveals key benefits of volunteering that make a positive impact on people’s health: Health: volunteers say that they feel better – physically, mentally and emotionally; Stress: volunteering helps people manage and lower their stress levels; Purpose: volunteers feel a deeper connection to communities and to others; Just remember, GOD LOVES YOU, and HE IS ALWAYS WITH YOU.  YOU AREN’T ALONE.  I LOVE YOU ALL. Love and Blessings,  What is the most wonderful gift you can give this holiday season?   With all the hub-bub and rushing around that the holidays season can bring, people are always searching for that most perfect gift.   The most perfect gift that you can give someone and give to yourself this holiday season (and at any time) is forgiveness.  It costs nothing and it's benefit for all of God's children is so huge that it cannot be quantified.  Holding that grudge against someone for whatever reason sometimes seems like the most important thing in the world.  You feel like you are losing something in letting it go.  But, whatever it is that you are holding onto - that grudge - that thing that makes you angry whenever you think about it - who is that really hurting?  That anger, that pain is living rent free in your head, causing you suffering whenever you think about it.  Does the person you are holding a grudge against even know about it??   Now I'm not suggesting to go and tell that person you are holding a grudge against them, now that I've made you think about the fact that they may not know that you are angry at them for whatever reason, just so they know about it now and that will make you feel better because it should make them feel worse.  No.  Because it won't really make you feel better.  Not even if you put it on a billboard in front of their home and they see it every day.  You won't feel better, because you are still letting it live in your head.  Whatever it is, it is nothing.  Whatever you think it was, it wasn't.  It was nothing.   "WHAT???" you say, "Nothing???" "But he/she slighted me!  "He/she made me feel like I wasn't important enough!" "He/she disrespected me!"   I'm telling you right now, it truly was nothing.  It was not real.  It is not real.  It does not matter.  It never will.  So why suffer for it?    You are spirit.  You are a child of God.  You are part of God, who is all there really is.  That is the true reality.  What slight can truly harm spirit.  How can you be made to feel unimportant when you are a child of God?  When you are part of God?  What's better than that?  How can anything diminish that?  It can't.  That is how I can tell you that whatever slight you perceive, what ever grudge you think you should hold, does not matter.  Your true essence is spirit; It is not this physical existence you believe you are experiencing.    Thus, the greatest gift you can give - that will cost you nothing, benefit you as well, and make you feel good in the giving - is Forgiveness. It's simple.  Forgive and let it go.  Forgive that person.  Then forgive yourself.  "What??"  you say.  "Forgive myself??"  "What for?  I didn't do anything!!  It was all them !"    -- OK --  If that's what you said, you're not quite getting the point.   Remember, it wasn't them.  It wasn't anything.  It was nothing.  No one can do anything to you.  Your true reality is spirit.  Your true reality is a child of God, part of God forever.  That can never be diminished in any way.  And if you are part of God forever, with Him now, how can anything harm you? It can't.    So let's try that again.  You forgive that person who you think slighted you, or you think did something terrible to you.  "But wait," you say, "you make that sound so easy, but it's not that easy."   I didn't say it was always easy.  That is because of what we think our reality is.  Sometimes it takes a few trys, over a period of time (which also doesn't really exist - but that's another topic for another time (pun intended)).   "Ok,"  you say, "Why do I have to forgive myself? "What did I do?"    Well, just like that other person, you didn't really do anything either.  What you get angry about, what you hold the grudge against is actually something that you are recognizing in yourself that you don't like about you.  As you continue to recognize that, you are slower to anger and quicker to forgive.  In fact, sometimes things that used to make you angry, don't make you angry at all.  The first thing you think of instead of how pissed off you are is, "Well, I guess I've done that too."  For example - which I know you've been waiting for because you are saying to yourself, "How can that be?"  Well here it is.  The easiest example.  Someone cuts you off on the highway.  Oh, but you say, "I don't do that."  Well what about the times you've had to squeeze into traffic, and didn't leave quite enough room for the person you got in front of?  At the time you might have been saying, "Sorry, I have to get in here," or "Sorry, I'm late and I can't be behind that slow car," or how about, "Tough, deal with it, I'm gonna be late for work"?  Well, just like when you are getting cut off, you don't know why the person is doing it to you, the person you are cutting off doesn't know why you are doing it to them.  They get angry too.   So, all that to say you are forgiving yourself because what you are truly getting angry about is something you see in yourself which you are projecting onto others, and you are blaming them for that thing you don't like.  This is why you forgive both of you (for something that never really happened anyway, spirit child of God.)  You forgive them for the slight you perceive.  You forgive yourself for the thing in you that you have projected onto the other person - that thing for which you are really angry - and then just let it all go.  Because it never really happened anyway.   You are spirit.  You are with God and none of this really matters.  We are all one.  Forgiveness of one, helps us all, so that we can all wake up, and remember that we are all spirit, all children of God.   We are all one with God. Love and Light.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Lately, I have asked many people what the meaning of Christmas was to them.  One person replied, “I’m not religious, so for me Christmas means getting together with family and being more generous than other times of the year.”  Another person said, “I just love the church play and the singing and dressing up to go to church.”  Another said, “Stress, lots of stress trying to get everything ready, from the dinner to the gifts.” Based on several early Christian scholars, Jesus was born on March 28 or November 18 or September 11—we probably will never know the actual month and day of his birth.  So Jesus’ birth date is not the actual reason for Christmas.   There was a pagan festival called Saturnalia that celebrated from December 17 to the 25th.  It was a period of lawlessness.  Courts were closed and Roman law dictated that no one could be punished for damaging property or injuring people during the weeklong celebration.  It is mentioned by Greek historian Lucian as a time of widespread intoxication, people going from house to house while singing naked, raping and public sexual intercourse. In the 4th century, Christian leaders imported the concluding day of Saturnalia Festival as Jesus’ birthday succeeding to convert large numbers of pagans to the Christian religion.  Early Christian celebrations of Jesus’ birth unfortunately were still celebrated much like the pagan Saturnalia with all the customs that were part of it.  The Puritans didn’t celebrate Christmas for just this reason.  It is only in the last couple hundred years that these pagan practices have ceased around the Christmas celebration. Also, worshippers of the Asheira Cult that worshipped trees in the forest were converted when the church included Christmas trees into the Christmas celebration. So, what does Christmas mean to me.  I believe that Jesus really existed and that he is a son of GOD just like you and I are also.  His mission was to show us that death is not the end and to show us how to love each other.  So to me, yes I think about Jesus on Christmas and say, “Thank you Brother for the example you left for us.  Thank you GOD for Loving us always.”  To me, Christmas is much more of a time to express Love to each other, whether it is family, co-worker, casual associates or the passing stranger.  It’s a time to see each other being more generous, giving, and loving than any other time of the year.  This is a time of easy cheer only because it’s more expected at this time of the year. We see the smiles on each other’s face and the joy that is so easily spread.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do this all year round?  Why can’t we?  Why can’t we show Love instead of expressing fear?  Yes, I know that sounds idealistic but I really think we should give Love a chance before acting in fear.  Look around you and take in the joy and happiness.  Don’t you prefer this to the fear and hate?  As for me, I CHOOSE LOVE, I HOPE YOU DO TOO!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, GAIL & I LOVE YOU ALL!! Love and Blessings,
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